About Me:

1.    I love shooting and miss it when I’m not doing it.

2.    My best photos happen when I’m grounded and ungrounded simultaneously.

3.    Sharing the experience with others on set is the greatest part of my production day.

4.    I’m very lucky to work with creative people.

5.    It adds something to my life that my alarm doesn’t ring at the same time every morning.

6.    A road trip is the fastest way to clear my head and give me a jump-start.

I am a still photographer and I do my work on a production set.

My publicity photos are used for social media, newspapers, magazines and billboards.

In addition, I collaborate to create images for the content of shows such as family photos, computer graphics, headshots, surveillance photos, art pieces and forensic files.

Some shows I currently work on include CSI: Cyber,  Wheel of Fortune,  Jeopardy!, Battle Creek, Revenge, Scandal, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Sports Jeopardy!, How to Get Away with Murder, Selfie, Jane the Virgin, and Hit the Floor.  During my career I have been a photographer on more than 300 television shows...working with many lovely actors, fabulous directors, great crews and terrific publicity departments.

“In digital photography, speed is critical.  I use many skills to capture, retouch and produce a final product.  I strive to never compromise my integrity or that of the project, the actors, their characters, or the vision of the directors and writers in the process of getting the shot.” –Carol Kaelson